Spice asserted that Vybz Kartel will win his appeal and return to dominating Dancehall. Spice, who is now the leading female in Dancehall, is arguably the new “queen” of the genre following Lady Saw’s departure.

Meanwhile, many Dancehall fans have accepted Vybz Kartel as the “king.”

Spice recently told ER host Anthony Miller that the “Fever” deejay will be released as she awaits his return.

“Everybody know seh Kartel soon come a road no question ask,” Spice said.

“Me and you and God know say Kartel soon drop a road, so with the appeal me just a wait to see him come a road and me nah stop say free the World Boss… straight,” she added.

The “Gum” deejay went on to show love to Kartel, adding that he is her “romping shop partner.”

“Kartel big up yourself me boss! Mi know you soon come a road, Spice love love you like that, remember you a me ‘Romping Shop’ partner and when you drop a road a me and you and God know say the music nice already but it ago nice over and over and over again,” she stated.

Spice has been dominating Dancehall since releasing “Romping Shop” in 2008 with Vybz Kartel. The two also collaborated on the single “Conjugal Visit.” It is now being reported that the pair is preparing to release a new track together soon.

After wrapping his appeal case last month, Vybz Kartel, who was sentenced to life imprisonment for murder, is now waiting anxiously for the court to return with a verdict.

source: hypelife