In Pics: Why Ce’Cile is the Baddest Gyal


Ce’Cile does not only make really good music, she keeps it real too. Blessed with good looks, a very s.e.x.y body and an amaizing musical talent, this songstress on top of that plays her mother roles well. She is definitely what women should aspire to be.

Me #grownnow and me #wantitback so #comebacktomorrow and #comefiushirt❤

This is what she had to say on IG about how she lives and how God is guiding her to other Bad gyals out there:

#glowup ❤ I’m speaking to all women right now who have something in your life to glow about. F**k all the negative shit…concentrate on yourself. Right now I’m unconcerned. Do you know what it’s like to fly through the wickedest turbulence that you think this is it? I have 10 passports and maybe only one actually expired. I’ve been through some of the toughest flights if I tell you stories you won’t believe. GOD IS GOOD. Life is the greatest thing. I’ve done big things and little things, great things and small things. I’ve been on every continent except Antarctica (and we nah go deh 😂) and God has brought me home safely every time. Thank you Father. #glowupladies#loveyourself #loveyouraccomplishments#loveyourbody #loveyourhair#beyourbiggestcheerleader#postyourdamnpicandlikeityourself#glowup new song soon forward to❤ #positivity

On another occasion she likened being a musician being the same with being a politician. She said:

The way Parliament a move … 😂 I’m sure these men are nice, wonderful husbands and good fathers, they never asked to be role models, they are not their words.😐 Just like us artists.. we are not our songs, I can sing about my pum pum and still be a great mom. A man can sing about his weed and his girls and guns and you don’t judge. I don’t have no problem with them a behave badly dem a human. What you shall not do is blame artist for everything. What you shall do is grow your kids properly. That’s YOUR JOB. Politicians and artist are not to be the people your children look up to. All a we a fans and money we a look. Both we and the politician dem. 😂😂😂 not even pastor perfect. #meetmeoutside


Gyal fi can wash and hang out u man Clothes pon line 😜