RYGIN KING recently released a new track and it’s already making a buzz as several Dancehall fans believe he is taking shots at Alkaline.

The Montego Bay-based newcomer connected with Lee Milla to deliver his latest single “Legacy,” on which some fans think he is throwing shade at the “Load Up” deejay.

On the song, Rygin King refuses to “take sides” with other acts but do his own thing while focusing on his milestones as a fast-rising entertainer.

“The boy them go round me and nah get a next time enuh / Out here a do me own thing and me no pick side,” the Mobay deejay spits.

Some fans are theorizing that his lyric about ‘not picking side’ is a counteraction to Alkaline’s hit song “Pick Unuh Side.”

“Alright Alright, done tell them pick unuh side / Stick to it and member say as unuh slip, Unuh slide / If them nuh deh pon the badness, kick them out a the ride,” Alkaline deejays on the song produced by Chimney Records.

Online users chimed in on the allegation that Rygin King is targeting Alkaline on his new song produced by Lee Milla.

“This yute just buss and already a try style Alkaline don’t make the little fame and money get to your head too quick. Vendetta will kill yo,” one user expressed on social media.

“Rygin King say him no pick side. But Alkaline say Pick unu side. Mmmmm. Alkaline has not voice for Lee Milla since the year start? Mmmmm?,” another speculated.

Sources close to Rygin King told that “the line from the artist’s song has nothing to do with Alkaline and there is no feud between the two.”

The recording artist, whose given name is Matthew Smith, has been racking up hit after hit in recent times. His songs, “Things Go Change” and “How Me Grow” and “Tuff,” have been creating a buzz on the local scene.

Rygin King recently told reporters that he has had a passion for music since he knew himself, adding that he has been pursuing music professionally since he left high school.

The 23-year-old admits to meeting his share of obstacles and says his determination to make it as an artist has brought him to a place where his songs have become Dancehall anthems.

source: hypelife