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Dancer and Choreographer Kimiko Versatile stars in Netflix Documentary



Kimiko Versatile

Dancer and Choreographer, Kimiko Versatile, appeared in a Netflix documentary titled MOVE, which premiered last Friday. She is also the leader of the all-girl dance crew, the Versatile Ones.

The documentary series exposes the realities behind the passion and drive of dancers around the world and what it truly takes to taste success in their industry.

Kimiko Versatile

She shared this on Instagram and said – Always remember that God is in charge 💪🏿
Striving in my own lane…with nuff work n struggles backa dat!!! i have no apologies and no regrets 🇯🇲💯 #proudmuch.
#winner #sexyjamaican #kimikoversatile #danceandcultureambadsador

The documentary features inspiring stories of six dedicated dancers from five different background and their genre from the USA, Bangladesh, Spain, Jamaica, and Israel. Netflix taps into each individual’s background – including home life and upbringing, inspirations, aspirations and achievements and how each of them decided to make dancing a part of their everyday lives. She shared more about the documentary and what we should expect…

Watch some of her dance moves thanks to her Instagram…